5 Common Security Issues with Joomla Part II

We’re back with some of the most common security issues that Joomla face.  From our last post, some of the issues seem pretty standard things like setting usernames and passwords with a certain number and mixture of characters, make sure to update your software, don’t trust every third party plugin and extension, set upload restrictions, and at least install the basic security measures that a site needs.  Today we will share with you fivemore common Joomla security issues, and we will also share with you some tips to help remedy these issues.

#1 Missing Hacker Files

When your site is hacked, you will find numerous amounts of files hackers installed on your site.  When removing files, it is easy to miss hacker files, because there are so many or they are hidden somewhere.  When you miss a hacker file, it is easy for a hacker to re-hack into your site.

#2 Not Trying Out Extensions and Upgrades on the Development Server

sJooma-updateTrying out extensions and upgrades on the development server first is the best way to see if they will work well on your actual server.  If your extensions and upgrades fail to work on the development server, then you can remedy the problem on that server rather than your actual server.

#3 Sharing Your Login Details or Leaving It in a Visible Spot

Plenty of people leave their information open in a public space whether it’s their workspace or in a coffee shop.  Some people even post it online for one reason or another.  This is dangerous because it would be easy for someone to just use your information for ill intent.  Not everyone out there wants to hack your site, but as a developer working for a client or someone building a site for themselves, you should want to take the ultimate measures to protect any information stored on your site.

#4 Setting Up Your Joomla Site on an Infected Computer

This is something that many people don’t think of. Since a virus protection software is installed or the developer/administrator doesn’t visit shady sites, the thought of actually scanning the computer sometimes does not come to mind.  Scanning your computer before developing or logging into the Joomla site should be a first step.  That way you won’t have to worry about any viruses from the infected computer travelling to your Joomla site.

#5 Have a Backup

Having your files and system backed up is highly important.  When you are hacked, things get distorted, erased, and your site becomes an overall mess.  With a backup, you are able to revert you site to its normal state without having to start back from the beginning.  Save your sites at significant points and changes as much as possible.  This will save you a lot of time.

There you have it, five more common Joomla security issues.  Thoroughly scanning your computer and any software before you install is highly important.  It is easy to miss hidden viruses stored on your computer or joomla-suciritycontract a virus from a third party.  Ensure that you have a great virus protection software and you are conducting routine scans.  Also, make sure you run a security audit on your computer so you can fix any security holes or glitches.

 If you haven’t read our first part of 5 Common Security Issues with Joomla click the link here.  To read more Joomla articles continue to browse our site.  You will find CMS comparisons, tools and tricks to make Joomla work in your favor, and other interesting articles.


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