What is Joomla?

Joomla was released August 2005. It is the second most used CMS.   Its clientele includes IKEA, Harvard University, Citibank, and Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was released in 2003, and it currently hosts about 23% of sites on the internet.  Brands such as Mashable, Progblogger, Techcrunch, and The Ford Story uses WordPress. To read more about WordPress and how it compares to Joomla, read our article Joomla vs. WordPress.

What is Drupal?

Drupal was released on May 18, 2000.   It is the third most question-1316632_1280used CMS platform.  Its clientele includes BBC, NBC, MTV UK, Amnesty International, and the University of Oxford.  To learn
more about Drupal and how it compares to Joomla, read our article Joomla vs. Drupal.

What does CMS stand for?

Content Management System

Who provides better SEO optimization?

WordPress outdoes many CMSs in SEO optimization.  WordPress has a variety of plugins that make SEO optimization easier to handle and customize.  Other CMSs either requires a lot of coding or a lot of customizing and tweaking.   Read the articles Joomla vs. Word Press and Joomla vs. Drupal to get the scoop on SEO comparisons.

Are third party plugins safe?

Not all 3rd party extensions are bad, but not all are good either.  When using a 3rd party extension, you want to make sure that you are using one from a company that is well known and reputed.  If you want to use an extension from a not so well known company, then make sure to read reviews, get a second opinion, and limit installations as much as possible.  Third party extensions have the potential to give your site bugs, affect your security system, and become an overall hassle.  To read more about security issues and how to remedy them read the articles 5 Common Security Issues with Joomla and Part II.

I’m using Joomla and my site is not pulling up on the search engine, what can I do?

Many complaints with Joomla’s URL is that it is not search engine friendly, meaning that your URL doesn’t communicate what content it holds.  If someone is searching for keywords that your article contains, then unfortunately your article won’t show on the search engine pages.  To remedy this, open your SEO settings and turn on the options “Search Engine Friendly URLs” and “Use URL Rewriting.”  Instead of useless URLs ending in /index.php?option=com_view=item&id=124:joomlaseo you get a more friendly URL ending in /blog/joomla-seo. To gain more Joomla SEO tips and tricks, read the article Tips and Tricks for Joomla SEO.

I want to build an ecommerce site, which CMS is my best option?

Joomla is great for ecommerce and networking sites.  The plugins and Joomla’s versatile templates and themes makes it easy for developers to form ecommerce and networking sites.

Is it possible to build a blog with Joomla or Drupal?

It is possible to build a blog with Joomla or Drupal, but it may be a more complicated process, which is mostly due to SEO issues.  Out of the two, I would choose Joomla, since it would be easier to build and customize sites.  To learn some Joomla SEO tips and tricks, read the article Tips and Tricks for Joomla SEO.