Possible Future of Joomla

Out of the top 3 CMSs, Joomla’s future is the most questioned.  It has the most mixed reviews; some people love it, some people hate it, some people are neutral about it. Some people think that Joomla has a future, others think that it is a dying content management system (CMS).   So what is the future of Joomla?  No one can truly say, since anything can go in the tech world.  Joomla has a possibly bright future if they continue to do some of the great things they are doing and update and/or change some of the things they need to work on.


The Joomla community continues to grow.  Although some people seem to have a negative view of Joomla, more and more people seem to be joining Joomla and are happy to stay with the CMS.  The people and the growth of users is what ultimately decides the longevity of a CMS. If the Joomla community continues to grow and make people happy, they will definitely have a bright future.

Continue to Power Ecommerce Sites

How-Backend-Web-Applications-Power-Ecommerce-SitesAs more ecommerce shops continue to pop up on the internet, Joomla continues to build their clientele.  Joomla is known for powering ecommerce sites like IKEA.  The plugins and themes that they have make it easy to setup and user friendly.  As long as they continue to provide the best tools for ecommerce sites then Joomla will survive.

Providing Better SEO Tools and Options

SEO is so important nowadays, especially since new bloggers are popping up more and more every day. SEO tool quality is one of the main things that Joomla lacks and makes WordPress a more preferable host to some people.  Better dynamic URLs and higher quality, up to date plugins is what Joomla needs.  Although SEO won’t bring the future of Joomla cracking down, providing better SEO tools could definitely help it.

Extensions and Plugins

Quality extensions and plugins are highly important as they allow you to add features and modules to your site.  Joomla has over 7,000 extensions which gives the developer a great amount of variety, but kind of low compared to other CMSs.  It also has some extensions that have CMS1restrictions, outdated, or poorly coded. Plugins could be Joomla’s downfall.  If they do not work, then what will developers use for their site?  Joomla should concentrate on making sure they have quality, up to date plugins to continue to satisfy users and bring more users in.

Faster Updates with More Features

It is no secret that developing and coding is a process.  However, technology is moving fast and continues to evolve at every turn.  As a CMS site, you have to be able to catch up and compete.  Joomla is a little on the slow side when it comes to developing new features that captivate and bring something new to the table.  When it comes to security updates and fixing bugs, Joomla excels, but they need to find a way to provide updates that introduce new features.

Overall it is safe to say that Joomla does have a future. Continuing to provide great ecommerce features, great customizable themes, and other features the Joomla is known for will help keep Joomla in the running.   To solidify their future even more, Joomla needs to update and improve quite a few things, such as higher quality SEO tools, plugins and extensions, and providing new features at a faster rate.  As long as they do these things, it seems that Joomla will have a bright future. To read more about Joomla, CMSs, and other developing tools, continue to browse our site.


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