Tips and Tricks for Joomla SEO

Many people like the Joomla platform, but often find it lacking as far as SEO tools. They usually turn to another platform such as WordPress to fulfill their SEO needs. But the thing is that there is no need.  If you prefer to stick with Joomla, there are ways to make Joomla SEO work in your favor.  There are plugins and basic SEO skills and tools you can utilize.  Below, you will find 6 tips and tricks that will help you optimize your content for search engines through the Joomla content management system (CMS).

#1 Changing your URL

Many complaints with Joomla’s URL is that it is not search engine friendly, meaning that your URL doesn’t communicate what content it holds.  If someone is searching for url-smallkeywords that your article contains, then unfortunately your article won’t show on the search engine pages.
To remedy this, open your SEO settings and turn on the options “Search Engine Friendly URLs” and “Use URL Rewriting.”  Instead of useless URLs ending in /index.php?option=com_view=item&id=124:joomlaseo you get a more friendly URL ending in /blog/joomla-seo.

#2 Have Great Meta Descriptions

Great meta descriptions will land your page higher up on Google page rankings. This helps summarizes your page’s content.  Make sure to be precise, to the point, and descriptive.   To change the meta descriptions start with the system option, then click global configuration, then click site meta descriptions and site meta keywords.

#3 Use SEO Plugins

seo-simple-box-whiteSEO plugins can help you correctly optimize your content for search engine.  Some of the most recommended plugin extensions include Sh404SEF, Xmap, SEO Generator, SEOSimple, and Byebyegenerator.  If there are other plugins on the Joomla site that you want to try out, be sure that they are from a trusted third party.  Also test them out on your developer server to ensure that they are working properly and are not filled with bugs, glitches and other troublesome stuff.

#4 Use Good and Popular Keywords

Using good keywords can boost your Google Page ranks, but you must use the right keywords.  They best way to figure out the right keywords to use is to research them.  If you’re building a site or a page dedicated to SEO tips, type in “seo tips” into the search engine and scroll down to related searches terms at the bottom.  Those keywords will be highly useful when optimizing your content.

#5 Create a Sitemap

A sitemap is an essential tool for you page gaining rank in search engines.Site-Map  Search engines, especially Google, uses the sitemap to scan it and see
what content is on your site.  Make sure you keep the sitemap up to date, so whenever it is scanned, the search engine knows that there is more content added.

#6 Make all Content Has a Good Title

A good title is descriptive and gives you an idea of what the content is about.  Titles are one of the most important deciding factors when search engines rank their searches on the results pages.   They are plugins available on Joomla like sh404SEF that will help you create a good title for your page.

Joomla has the potential to produce great blogs with good SEO optimization, developers and bloggers just need the right tools to maneuver around it.  This is just the basics of what you need to do to create a great site.  To learn more tips and tricks for working Joomla, keep browsing our site.  You will also find CMS comparisons, Joomla and other CMS news, and other information to keep you up to date with today’s web development.

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