14 Best Free Joomla Extensions to Improve Your Site

Best Free Joomla Extensions: Though WordPress may be the cms preferred by many people nowadays, Joomla remains certainly one of its most powerful contenders. It doesn’t only boast new updates and releases at regular times, but it features a robust extension marketplace much like WordPress.

Is selecting Best Free Joomla Extensions as wide as WordPress’s? Absolutely not. WordPress is really a behemoth — none can match its community when it comes to sheer size and variety. But Joomla’s choices are top quality, and many of them don’t cost you a cent.

Should you begin a Joomla site this season, here are the most helpful and important Joomla extensions to set up immediately. They are free, what exactly is it necessary to lose?

Best Free Joomla Extensions to Improve Your Site

Best Free Joomla Extensions

1. Encrypt Configuration

The greatest disadvantage to all cms (CMSes) is they don’t secure the login page (unless of course, you’ve added something, for example, Let us Secure aimed at your website), so it is easy for any hacker to discover passwords. Below you will find extensions that secure your whole site. However, you still need to secure the login page when you are building your website. A secure Configuration is a straightforward tool that does just that.

2. Brute Force Stop

Probably the most common method to attack an internet site is to apply tools that keep entering passwords until they find yours. Brute Pressure Stop not just prevents brute pressure attacks but additionally informs you who’s attempting to attack you.

3. Marco’s SQL Injection

Another common way attackers hack your internet site is by inserting code into your database. Marco’s SQL Injection stops SQL injection attacks and identifies who’s attacking you.

4. Spam Protect Factory

Many security tools permit you to block individual IP addresses which are attacking your website, but major online hackers have a large number of IP addresses available. With Junk e-mail Safeguard Factory, you are able to block entire countries (for example individuals where lots of online hackers hide) from attacking you or perhaps reaching your login page.

5. Eyesite

Eyesite is a file monitor that will warn you about changes to any of the files on your website.

6. TJ Set Generator Tag

The TJ Set Generator Tag extension enables you to definitely alter the generator meta tag for the website from Joomla to anything you want.

7. JCE Editor

JCE Editor is easily the most highly regarded text editor within the Joomla Extension Directory. It has an excellent WordPress plugin for inserting and configuring images on your web pages.

8. Sparky Template Framework

Whilst not technically a Joomla extension, Sparky Template Framework is really a revolutionary template that may switch the default Joomla template with one which makes it fast and simple to create the look of nearly every facet of your site.

9. DJ-ImageSlider

DJ-ImageSlider is among the best and simplest ways to mix text over Slot Gacor 2023 images. Better still, it uses the latest HTML5 plus CSS3 transitions so that your slideshow pages load faster.

10. Phoca Open Graph System

Phoca Open Graph System generates Open Graph image tags for sharing images on Facebook.

11. Modules Anywhere

Modules are boxes utilized by Joomla to show functions for example slideshows and forms. Modules Anywhere enable you to definitely place any module inside any article by simply hitting a control button.

12. SJ Video Box

SJ Video Box allows you to place a video in a module or feature box.

13. Phoca Download

When I authored my previous article, Phoca Download includes RTP Live a batch uploader for adding several documents aimed at your website at the same time. And it is extensive language support causes it to be a perfect download manager to have a worldwide website.

14. ReDJ URL Redirection Component

ReDJ allows you to manage URL redirection so you can redirect old web pages to new ones without creating any broken links.

What Joomla Extensions Do You Use?

If you’ve gotten this far down and you realize that your site is so simple that you don’t really need any of these extensions, then it may be the case that Joomla isn’t the right solution for you. Full-blown CMSes are best for complex sites.

Otherwise, I hope you found these Best Free Joomla Extensions useful!