Important: JA Joomla Page Builder now stores page builder data in your database

We wish to announce the key update of JA Page Builder to maintain your builder page data safe by storing all of the data inside your site database, rather than on KJoomla Server.

JA Joomla Page Builder

A hard issue we have to deal with

We’re sorry concerning the JA Page Builder issues lately so we deeply know how serious the problem is, and just how hard you suffer from it. We highly thank you for your kind understanding as well as your situs judi slot online persistence.

They invest in sources to aid and connect the problem by supplying the website rebuild, and also the team finished countless site build.

We’ve been also focusing on the brand new version update to avoid such issues happening again. Now, the update can be obtained for an upgrade.

Yes, all of the data, configuration, custom types of your website are going to be kept in your site’s database. So in the situation, our server has any risk, your computer situs slot gacor terbaru data is safe.

Your build page information is kept in the table prefix_jabuilder_pages. Each builder page data includes 2 data types:

  • HTML mockup – stored in the content column
  • Builder data – stored in the data column

JA Page Builder page data stored in your database

ja joomla page builder data store

Page builder data is stored in the data column

ja joomla page builder data format

Edit your page with the editor:

After installing JA Joomla Page Builder version 1.1.9, you have access to your page editor to edit your website. In the situation your page is blank, kindly look into the page revisions MAXBET in Settings > Revisions

edit your pages

Upgrade instruction:

Download the latest version of the JA Joomla Page Builder daftar slot online terpercaya package from this page: