Joomla Tips for Power Users

5 Joomla Tips for Power Users

Joomla Tips: Joomla is a superb CMS because of so many features that even regular users might not understand all options at hand.

I am sharing 5 tips that Joomla power users love to benefit from:

  • Global check-in
  • Display site name in page titles
  • Enable HTTPS in all your pages
  • Duplicate a module
  • Preview module positions

Tip #1. Global check-in

To be able to unlock the Joomla Tips editing of all of the articles, groups, plugins, and modules you are able to perform a global check-in.

The look below shows locked content seems:

And this next image shows how you can check in all the items on your site.

  • Go to System > Global Check-in.
  • Select all the items in the “Database Table” rows.
  • Click the “Check-in” button.

Tip #2. Display your site name in the browser bar

Joomla Tips for Power Users

You can display your site name in your browser, alongside the main page title. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go to System > Global configuration
  • In the “SEO Settings” section, find “Site name in page titles”.
  • Choose “after” or “before” depending on if you want the site name being displayed after of before the article name.
  • Click “Save & Close”.

Now visit the front of the site. Your website name is going to be displayed plus the page title:

Tip #3. Enable HTTPS for your whole site

To be able to enable HTTPS across your website, you must have a legitimate SSL certificate installed. Once you have spoken together with Joomla Tips your WebHost to allow an SSL certificate, here’s how to proceed next:

  • Go to System > Global Configuration.
  • In the “Server Settings “section, look for “Force HTTPS”. Choose “Entire Site”.
  • Click “Save & Close”.

Tip #4. Duplicate a module

You are able to duplicate a module. This really is highly helpful when you want to make use of the same module settings for any different module position.

  • Go to Extensions > Modules.
  • Check the module you want to duplicate.
  • Click the “Duplicate” button.

Now edit the brand new module. Perform the needed Situs Slot Gacor adjustments for example modifying the settings and assign towards the pages you’ll need.

Tip #5. Preview module positions

You are able to preview the module positions instantly to be able to see which positions can be found and also the exact place inside the template layout. To preview the module positions you’ll need a couple of things:

  • Go to Extensions > Templates.
  • Click the “Options” button on the right top side of the screen.
  • Set “Preview module positions” to “Yes”.
  • Click “Save & Close”.
Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners: If you’ve learned about Joomla! but aren’t quite sure what it’s, this guide has all you need to know. Plus, there are several handy Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners to work with, too.

What is Joomla?

Basically, Joomla! is definitely an open-source (and free) cms that allows you to publish happy websites. Essentially, it will help individuals and firms to construct their dream websites and incorporate all of the features they need. Should you prefer a modern website, then Joomla! is essential – it’s an upright-forward concept.

So, with this covered, let’s now jump into some Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners. After studying this short article, you’ll soon be a specialist.

Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Install Joomla!

Website Hosting and the building is really a hard process – but Joomla! allows you. However, before you do the installation, you cannot make a start on your website!

So, before anything else, you need to install Joomla!. Here’s what to do:

  1. Create an SQL database for your website
  2. Upload the Joomla! files to your website’s directory
  3. Activate the configuration wizard for Joomla!
  4. Configure your database
  5. Choose an email address

From there, you should be good to go.

Start with the basics – like typing and posting articles

From Joomla’s interface, you will find that there are many choices for creating and posting content. For instance, you are able to upload images and immediately add them aimed at your website within the location you would like.

However, prior to doing anything excessively complex, you need to keep to the basics. The very best beginning point would be to type after which publish articles (or perhaps a single article) aimed at your website because this will allow you to get an understanding of the machine.

To get this done, you have to first of all click ‘New Article.’ After that, you are able to type your articles and format it in your wish (e.g., you might like to change it out for an interesting font). When your article is finished, after that you can publish it aimed at your website. Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners Take it easy, this isn’t permanent – anytime, you are able to edit or remove articles out of your website.

In the images and links tab, additionally, you will have the ability to add images and links for your articles – however, you should avoid carrying this out until you’re fully confident with the entire process of posting text-based articles first.

Make the most of templates

A website is useless whether it doesn’t look great, right? Consider it: the number of occasions have you ever visited a business website, simply to immediately leave because of the fact it looks bad and it has poor functionality? Most likely many occasions. For a website to work, it must look wonderful.

Fortunately, Joomla! offers a lot of interesting templates because of its users to select from. Particularly, you will find over 110 free templates.

Each template differs, so it’s important you select one which suits your brand’s personality and just how you would like your site to ‘feel.’

Here is a few popular Joomla! templates:

  • Jumerix 
  • Photographer
  • Pasta and Ravioli 
  • Virginia
  • Diving Club 

For instance, should you run your personal photography business, then your professional photographer template will probably suit you well, as it’s intentionally designed for showcasing your projects.

Join the r/Joomla! subreddit

Lastly, for Joomla Tips and Tricks for Beginners, you should make a Reddit account and join the Joomla! subreddit.

Here, you’ll be able to ask questions, speak with expert users, and even pick up some useful hints and tricks. Plus, once you become a Joomla! expert, you’ll be able to help other users, too.