TEXTman 4.0 – Joomla article editing evolved for the twenties

TEXTman 4.0 started its existence as a simple frontend article editor, but, during the last few years because of user feedback it’s matured and it has become the only real content extension you will need to be able to manage your Joomla articles. In TEXTman 4.0 we have labored very difficultly to enhance the interface even more, thus, simplifying the most complex of tasks.

  • Wish to show articles to simply one user, or several users? We have got your back.
  • Wish to share drafts of the articles together with your editorial team without first publishing the draft? We have got your back.
  • Wish to edit your article’s featured image and give a filter or impact text? We have got your back.
  • Wish to add Joomla custom fields, or even better custom fields out of your template overrides? We have got your back.
  • Have to attach files for your articles? We have got your back.
  • Require more in-depth article analytics and visitor logs than you will https://slotceriabet.store/ get with Joomla’s built-in hits counter? Yeah, you suspected right, we have got your back.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features in TEXTman 4.0:

  • A fully-fledged article editor
  • Intuitive article authoring
  • Easily organize your article’s attachments
  • Useful article analytics
  • Article activity logs
  • Custom Fields
  • Joomla article custom fields
  • Template override custom fields
  • Article credit where credit’s due
  • Get started

A fully-fledged article editor

TEXTman began as a frontend-only article editor, along with the 4.0 release at this point you, in addition, have a full backend interface. You are able to edit articles with the front, or even the Joomla administrator. Whatever your choice, TEXTman will handle everything nicely for you personally.

TEXTman 4.0

Intuitive article authoring

TEXTman 4.0’s article editing form brings all the authoring functionality to your fingertips through intuitive tabs, you will find a couple of new tabs there: attachments, activities, analytics, and custom fields

Easily organize your article’s attachments

For those who have FILEman installed, organizing your article’s attachments has become much simpler, in the Attachments tab, which replaces that old editor button, your editorial team will find the files that are affixed to the content, plus drag-n-drop new files to connect for an article, and all sorts of from your intuitive accessible form, what’s to not like about this?

Useful article analytics

If you want more helpful article analytics than simply Joomla’s in-built hits counter, simply install TEXTman’s stablemate LOGman. You’ll I believe overview of all of the activity analytics for that specific article you’re editing from inside the Analytics tab.

Article activity logs

We moved the content activities logs right into a tab to provide you with quick access to them. Such as the analytics tab the game logs tab requires you to definitely have LOGman installed. You’ll I believe overview of all of the activity logs for that specific article you’re editing from inside the Activities tab.

Custom Fields

With the development of the Custom Fields tab, all of Joomla’s core article management features could be configured through TEXTman. Not just that, you receive a number of TEXTman’s special sauces too.

TEXTman 4.0 supports both Joomla article custom fields and template override based custom fields, the second approach provides you with additional control, although, there is no UI to configure the fields, rather you need to do that via a template override.

You are able to, obviously, use both together. If you wish to make use of the standard custom fields from Joomla’s content component, or you need to use template override custom fields, you will find that they are very simple to make use of in TEXTman 4.0.