6 Best Joomla Extensions And Components You Must See (2022)

Best Joomla extensions – Every Joomla website – regardless of the focus, requires numerous important things to make certain it’s top-notch. If you are not implementing proper care of these essentials, you are most likely passing up lots of value. This is exactly why we have produced a summary of the best Joomla extensions are that each site must go one stage further.

1. SP Page Builder

With increasing numbers of people stepping into the internet, people want so that you can build their websites rapidly and simply.

Content editors and modules were once the factors. However, nowadays there’s a brand new normal.

It’s called drag and drop page building.

This revolution began first in WordPress, but Joomla slot gacor gampang menang rapidly realized its popularity and Joom Shaper has developed the killer page builder for Joomla.

SP Page Builder is the #1 Best Joomla extensions page builder for Joomla. Have a look at this short video introducing it:

The good thing about this site builder is it enables you to produce a website with no coding whatsoever. Really, not only any website but a great-searching website! You should use most of the available Sbobet add-ons as “parts” to drag for example:

  • Accordion
  • Contact Form
  • Joomla module
  • Alert message
  • Carousel
  • Buttons
  • Countdown
  • Feature Box
  • Google Map
  • Gallery
  • Pricing table
  • Images
  • Progress Bar
  • Testimonials
  • Timeline
  • Twitter Feed
  • …and many more.

It also integrates nicely with other Joomla components so you can drag and drop articles, products, and K2 items!

Price: Free | $39

Best Joomla extensions

2. ACYMailing

For those who have an internet site – then you need to build your list – that’s internet marketing 101. And when you are building an e-mail list and delivering out mailshots – you ought to be doing the work most abundant in the Best Joomla extensions for emailing: ACYMailing.

Miracle traffic bot is really a fully-fledged mailing component – feature-wealthy and will get ticks out of all right boxes.

You have multiple scripts and components to let you increase your list rapidly and integrate very nicely using the CMS – enabling you such benefits as adding a person to a list upon registration.

We have first got it set up and getting in additional sales – and you ought to too!

First things you want to do once you install AcyMailing:

  1. Create your first list – let’s call it “Our Awesome newsletter”
  2. Configure your Sender Information and Mail Information. You’ll want to look to your hosting server’s CPanel mailing information to do this.

Configuration > Configuration > Mail Configuration

The sender information ought to be pretty straightforward (make certain the From and Bounce emails happen to be produced)

You are probably to make use of an SMTP server whose details are available using your hosting server’s CPanel information. Typically it is something like mail.<yourdomain>.com but double-seek advice from your server. If you are using an exterior mailing service for example Amazon’s Simple Email Service – this is when you need to arrange it using the details provided

3. Let the auto-subscribe during the Joomla registration WordPress plugin. You are able to configure all the appear and feel options by hitting the (auto)Subscribe during registration

4. Produce a module that enables users to join up and call the module out of your best content Slot Gacor. Arrange it in place subscribe – then refer to it as out of your best content while using trigger text.

Which would look like this in your content:

5. Create your first newsletter – test it and queue it up and Process it. Enjoy the boost in traffic 🙂

Price: Starter (Free) | Essential (€29) | Enterprise (€89) | Multi-site (€345)

3. JFBConnect

Best Joomla extensions to Get People to Engage via their Facebook profile

Essential-have bit of functionality on your site is integration with Facebook. Using more than 2.5 billion active users in 2020 – this is definitely the greatest active network anywhere.

You’ll want to ride that wave.

Integrating comments via a user’s Facebook profile is great for a number of reasons:

  1. Users don’t need to register or create a new profile – they just log in with Facebook
  2. You won’t have (a lot of) abuse or SPAM because most people want to keep their Facebook clean
  3. Commenting via Facebook is a normally accepted method of commenting on the web
  4. You’ll get an additional boost in traffic from people seeing their friends commenting on your website or engaging each other on your site.

First things to do after installing JFBConnect

1. Run an AutoTune and follow the instructions carefully

2. Enable Automatic registration (to gather emails for your newsletter (see above)

3. Configure the Facebook comments look and feel

4. Configure the share buttons for various social networks

5. Enjoy the boost in traffic and engagement

Price: $59.99

4. Akeeba Backup

Make sure you have a reliable Joomla extension to create a backup

Ok, so you have most likely experienced this yourself – or heard the horror tales.

You didn’t remember to update a particular extension or skip a core update, and all of a sudden your website continues to be hacked, defaced, is spewing adware and spyware everywhere, and you never know what’s become of the content.

Or perhaps worse, you get it wrong and also you delete something crucial, without any method to revert your change. Panic ensues.

Where do you turn once the brown stuff has hit the fan? Obviously, you return to what you need to have experienced, to begin with.

A dependable backup.

If there’s a single best Joomla extensions we’d have to say is absolutely critical to your website – it’s Akeeba Backup. This is an elegant, reliable, and stable backup solution. No website should do without it, and if you would like your existence to become easy peasy, Akeeba backup is what you want for the backups. It’s brain-dead simple to use.

The first things you should do after installing Akeeba Backup

  1. Run the Configuration Wizard to determine the ideal setup for your website
  2. Take your first backup
  3. Download your first backup and store it somewhere safely (Dropbox is a good idea
  4. Produce a backup schedule or produce an indication on your own to operate a backup (a minimum of) each week. Do other necessary stuff for example excluding directories with large files which you don’t have to

Price: FREE to download | €40 + VAT

5. EasyBlog

Because this Joomla extension makes your site great for blogging too!

Despite not being as common as WordPress for blogging, and having status with this, Joomla is ideal for blogging too! We’d know – we have used it for blogging in excess of fifteen years now, not to mention, we wouldn’t have when we did not discover that it suited our purpose well 🙂

Nonetheless, there’s a lot more that may be achieved with a blogging service – so we are heading out on the limb and suggesting as well a greater group of blogging tools for this.

EasyBlog continues to be the defacto blogging aspect of going far if you’re seriously interested in blogging … we can not rave enough about this. Access control, notifications, team blogging, location services, support, support for many major third-party integrations, there is no better option for blogging with Joomla!’

A few great things you can do with EasyBlog

EasyBlog 5.4.2 has lately been released. Version 5 had introduced a unique and new text editor, the EasyBlog 5 composer. Among the unique characteristics of the composer may be the choice to add elements, known as blocks, around the blog publish by utilizing drag-n-drop or tap-n-drop.

Let us see the best way to embed and share your favorite songs from Spotify to your EasyBlog publish with 4 easy steps:

  1. Open up the Composer and tap on your preferred block. For this tutorial, we’ll use the “Spotify” block
  2. Once you have drawn on around the Spotify block, you’ll be proven your composer page again. Click any space in your composer to decrease the block, and also the Share Spotify Music option is going to be proven.
  3. Fire up your Spotify, right-click on the songs that you wish to share, and chose “Copy Track Link”.
  4. Moving back to your Composer, paste the link in the text box and click “Embed Spotify”
  5. There you have it! The song is baked into your publish clicking “Publish Publish” will share the publish combined with the embedded Spotify player so your visitors can pay attention to the song without getting to stock up on Spotify.

Price: Community ($59) | Professional ($79) | Unlimited ($199)

6. JSitemap

Because you really want Google to know about all your content!

If there’s an important customer to your website, we have always stated, that it’s Google.

With Google being among the greatest potential motorists of traffic, you have to make certain the internet search engine is aware of all your content, about your freshest content, when it is been upgraded, and the dwelling of the site, so when your articles continue to be freshly updated.

Even though this may appear just like a huge task, the truth is, it’s included in one easy bit of functionality – an XML sitemap. Basically, this can be a map of your articles that may be posted to Google WebMasters to “advise” Google regarding your site’s content.

Now – how can you generate this freaking sitemap? – particularly if you have an online presence with numerous content.

Don’t worry – we have got the answer for you personally! Which solution comes through the Joomla extension: JSitemap!

JSitemap is a vital Joomla component you can use to create the XML sitemap using the content of the website for submission to Google WebMasters.

It can make the job of generating the sitemap really trivial.

Obviously, the Sitemap could be posted to any or all major search engines like google for example Bing, Yandex, as well as Baidu! But besides generating an XML Sitemap – this component does a lot more.

It doesn’t only create the sitemap for your own personal content, additionally, it indexes content from the third-party components you’ve installed and content from Nourishes. And also, since we all know how important it’s to help keep the various search engines updated, JSitemap also auto pings search engines like google and aggregators when new submissions are added or updated.

Indeed – before we forget – a sitemap is a great factor to possess for the real visitors too – the humans visiting your site. They’ll have the ability to rapidly identify what content they would like to visit.

Yes – JSitemap does this too 😉

First things you’ll want to do after installing JSitemap

The truly amazing factor about JSitemap is the fact that on most occasions it configures itself fully without your intervention, so you simply need to get installed on most occasions, and immediately after the so the installation will self-configure.

  1. View the HTML and then the XML Sitemap by going to Control Panel > Show HTML Sitemap and Show Raw XML Sitemaps
  2. Customize the HTML sitemap to your heart’s desire via the Configuration icon on the Control Panel and refresh the HTML generated to see the changes.
  3. If you’ve got any 3rd party Joomla extensions like K2, or whatever else, go to Control Panel > Connect Data Sources and click New data source and let JSitemap work its magic. Refresh the content of the XML and HTML sitemap and admire your handy work 😉
  4. In the SEO dashboard – submit the XML Sitemaps to Google, Bing, and Yandex by simply following the wizard.

Really and truly, this component situs slot gacor is amazing. No wonder it’s a Community choice!

Have a further look at the following YouTube video to see more fun stuff you can do with JSitemap

Price: $49